Welcome to 100TWh

Nuclear, the energy of the future

About us

100TWh is an NGO founded by independent Belgian citizens who stand up for nuclear energy. The name is a reference to the projected electrical energy needs of our country in the near future. Our mission is to ensure that all future energy demands are met in an environment-friendly, low cost and dependable way. This challenge can only be solved by nuclear, the future of energy.

Why nuclear


  • CO2 free
  • Air pollution free
  • Minimal land use

Low cost

  • Long lifetime: minimum 60 years
  • No need for expensive storage


  • Independent of oil & gas
  • Independent of weather
  • Stable, continuous production

What we do

As part of the global Stand up for nuclear movement, we regularly organize stand-up events. With these events we want to inform people about the importance of nuclear energy. Our most recent event took place in Brussels on October 20, 2019. At the same time, similar stand ups were held around the world, including cities such as Paris, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Buenos Aires and New York.

Nuclear Standup in Brussels (12th September, 2019)

Education center

We take it as our mission to provide a platform for spreading correct information about nuclear energy. Do you want to test how much you know about nuclear energy, or simply curious to learn some new interesting facts? If so, please take a few minutes of your time to take our multiple-choice quiz (available in French or Dutch).

The quiz is of course just an appetizer, as there is so much more to learn! The previous version of our website, which is currently being rebuilt, can serve as a starting point