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Plea for a realistic electricity transition after the Covid-19 crisis

Posted on June 5, 2020

Experts send out an open letter urging for life extension of Belgian nuclear reactors and further development of European nuclear energy.

L’Union européenne hors course de la géopolitique nucléaire civile

Posted on June 5, 2020

Opinion article by Samuel Furfari

Geological repositories

Posted on May 6, 2020

NIRAS, which is responsible for maintaining nuclear fuel deposits, needs your vote for constructing a deep geological repository.

Reaction to Eneco complaint

Posted on May 3, 2020

Eneco recently published a complaint in Le Soir on nuclear power plants. 100TWh has reacted in an open letter.

Open letter to include Nuclear Energy in the Green Deal

Posted on January 14, 2020

An open letter sent out to the Prime Ministers of Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary