RTBF emission: #INVESTIGATION on nuclear waste

Shouldn’t we react to RTBF’s disastrous broadcast presented on 09-12-2020 under the title “#INVESTIGATION: Déchets nucléaires: l’éternel problème”, making a complete amalgamation of the different sources of nuclear waste and showing that the population is subjected to dangerous doses of waste and that the control authorities are not doing their job.

A magnificent campaign of disinformation as the RTBF often has the secret!



Nuclear Disaster – Kernramp – Catastrophe Nucléaire

Chers tous, Dear all, Beste allemaal,

It’s pretty much unavoidable but when you talk about nuclear power sooner rather than later people will ask about potential disasters. I’m wondering what your favourite facts, figures, and phrases are to help countering this sensitive topic.

Voel jullie vrij om me in eender welke landstaal te antwoorden.
N’hésitez pas à me répondre dans n’importe quelle langue nationale.
(If needed I’ll keep my favourite machine translator DeepL nearby.)

Looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂