100TWh manifesto for an environment-friendly electricity

The 100TWh citizens’ movement advocates and acts for electricity that is environmentally friendly, reliable, affordable and sufficiently accessible to all. Nuclear energy meets these criteria and should continue to provide the largest share of Belgium’s electricity mix.

100TWh is committed to environmentally-friendly electricity

To this end, 100TWh actively supports the development of environmentally-friendly technologies to meet our electricity needs. Nuclear energy is an answer.
These technologies must limit the use of raw materials, land and water so as not to compromise access to these resources, particularly for future generations.
The safety and security of electricity production facilities must be monitored by competent authorities during their construction and operation, as well as during their dismantling, the recycling of their components and the management of their final waste.
In addition to environmentally-friendly electricity, 100TWh advocates the use of all low-carbon energy sources, provided that they are subject to healthy and transparent competition to provide the necessary energy services.

100TWh is committed to make electricity affordable

The cost of the electricity produced must take into account the costs of investing in and operating the facilities, waste treatment, provisions for dismantling the facilities and a reasonable profit margin to cover industrial risk and future investments and to ensure their long-term profitability.
In addition, this cost must include as many external costs as possible, i.e. the systems needed to make the electricity produced controllable, the costs of networks and any storage, etc.
Finally, consumer prices must reflect true costs.

100TWh is committed to make electricity available for the Belgian population and its industry

100TWh is taking action to ensure that sufficient electricity is produced and is reliably accessible to the population and economic actors

Without energy, there can be no economic life or social well-being. This is why electricity supply must be reliable, secure and available in the required quantity and quality 24/7/365, using diversified low-carbon sources.

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