100TWh critics on Elia Adequacy & Flexibilty Study for Belgium 2024-2034

The document « Elia Adequacy & Flexibilty Study for Belgium 2024-2034 », published on 29 June 2023, corroborates the political decisions taken by our Government regarding the electricity mix to cover our needs between 2024 and 2034. This document of almost 400 pages has been carefully studied by our members.

For 100TWh, Elia’s assumptions are unrealistic, because they are based on the vision of the current Minister for Energy, and this vision is not supported any more by Belgian politicians.

Its forecasts for the future are also as unrealistic because they do not take account of the reality on the ground. The model used by Elia is distorted by the ideology of its stakeholders.

100TWh considers that Elia is not allowed to use these unrealistic assumptions and forecasts to send unfounded messages to the political world !

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2 thoughts on “100TWh critics on Elia Adequacy & Flexibilty Study for Belgium 2024-2034

  1. Pour les traductions en néerlandais, ou en français (qui sont absolument indispensables sur un site tel que 100 TWh), comme dans le cas de l’article sur la stratégie d’ELIA, je vous conseille d’utiliser Deepl.com
    Ca traduit relativement bien (il faut quand même relire) et il peut traduire un document Word d’un seul coup…
    Vous pouvez me contacter pour savoir comment l’utiliser…

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